Do you suffer from pain, swelling and teeth inflammation?

Recrea Oral Surgery in Florence

Deal with your toothache problems with Recrea treatments
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Local anaesthesia

Eliminates the dental problem minimizing the pain during the treatment: Recrea Oral Surgery treatments are, in fact, performed under local anaesthesia.

Conservative approach

We study in depth your specific case, to identify solutions that avoid, where possible, the extraction of the original teeth.

Conscious sedation

We want to eliminate “armchair anxiety”: for this reason, if necessary, we use conscious sedation techniques performed safely and professionally.

Do you suffer from teeth related disorders?

…which cause you pain and difficulty when chewing

People who suffer from toothache caused by abscesses and wisdom teeth have difficulties eating or speaking on account of the pain they feel.

To have a few hours of relief people often use analgesic drugs, but this is not a long term solution.

For this reason our team of professional doctors is committed every day to resolving these problems…

Recrea Oral Surgery

The treatment plan to resolve toothache

With Recrea treatments you can resume your daily habits without feeling any pain during the treatment.

Our method consists in a surgical approach that preserves all the healthy structures of your mouth.

Additionally, if necessary, we accompany you post-surgery with an analgesic treatment plan.

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What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery includes a range of surgical operations which take place in the mouth. In particular it applies to people who need:

  • Problematic dental extractions
  • Extraction of wisdom tooth impacted or not impacted
  • Mucogingival surgery
  • Pre-restorative surgery
  • Surgery for orthodontic purpose

Why choose Recrea Oral Surgery?

Our clinic was founded by Professor Fabio Bertini and Professor Luca Giachetti, lecturers at the University of Florence, who have been practising since 1984. Today they lead a team of experienced dentists who solve dental problems.

The whole Recrea team takes care of patients using techniques and equipment that avoid pain during the session and allows them to deal effectively with the patient’s problem

  • The treatment is pain-free.
  • We accompany you post-surgery with an analgesic treatment plan.
  • Your original teeth are preserved and restored.

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How Recrea Oral Surgery works


Welcome check-up

During the first examination we thoroughly evaluate your case. On this occasion we will ask you some questions about your medical and dental history and we will evaluate with you the most suitable clinical path with respect to the result you want to achieve.

Case Study

We take X-rays and after studying the case we show you the treatment plan and answer any questions that you may have. This is a very relaxed meeting because the patient’s peace of mind is an absolute priority for us.

Following Appointments

The appointments for the surgery, and for the post-surgery follow up, are fixed on the basis of the treatment to be carried out.

Follow up plan

After the operation we will provide you with all the pharmacological instructions and requirements to be followed (if necessary). After a few days we will evaluate the healing process, with check-ups aimed at monitoring your state of health.

If you have any other questions

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I am afraid that the treatment will be painful…

There are many false myths about dentists that contribute to generate the fear of the treatments (especially when speaking of the extraction of wisdom teeth or other forms of surgery). With current anaesthesia techniques and use of the most modern equipment, treatments are painless.

In addition, if you experience discomfort after the treatment, we will assist you with the necessary pharmacological treatment plans to ensure a speedy recovery.

How long does it take?

How much does it cost?

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