Recrea comes from the fusion of the two words words that have always characterized our profession: Restore and Create.
Healthy and Beautiful becomes for us Healthy is Beautiful, a true mission.

Meet the team

Our health clinic was founded by Professor Fabio Bertini and Professor Luca Giachetti, professors of the University of Florence, who have been practicing since 1984 and in 2017, having renovated their dental clinic, decided to institutionalize their professional expertise.

Today they coordinate a team of professional and trained dentists who treat dental problems with the best and latest state-of-the-art techniques, tools and equipment to carry out all the examinations required inside the clinic in order to provide every patient with a precise, reliable and fast diagnosis, in addition to medical treatments and solutions of the highest and most enduring quality.

Medico che spiega la fattibilità dell'intervento

The Philosophy

Nowadays people increasingly pay attention to the well-being and to the beauty of their smile and Recrea responds to this need by basing all treatments on aesthetics.

Our philosophy is to restore, to save the natural teeth and the tissues that surround them and to create functional and beautiful smiles.

Prevention and minimal invasiveness of treatments are the foundations of our work, concepts that guide our clinical practice and our research activity.

Recrea team’s professionals

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