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Recrea Dental Whitening in Florence

Whiter teeth in 2 weeks with a professional home treatment.
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Recrea uses carbamide peroxide based preparations, effective on the colour of the teeth, making them whiter in 12 days.


Not aggressive

Our goal is to give you the most beautiful and white smile possible preserving the health of your teeth. For this reason we decide on a case by case basis the right amount of whitening substances.


Recrea dental whitening procedure is completely painless: no need of anaesthesia, nor subsequent analgesic therapy.

Discolouration or stained teeth…

… that you would like to disappear?

Our teeth are subject to yellowing due to age, smoking, eating habits and some pigmented foods and drinks such as coffee.

In some cases the presence of these unpleasant dark spots creates embarrassment.

Now it is possible to intervene in order to solve this problem.

Recrea dental whitening

Whiter teeth in 12 days.

Our professional whitening procedure allows you to obtain whiter teeth in 12 days, thanks to a tailored kit to be used directly at home.

More importantly, the treatment does not spoil the dental enamel and keeps your mouth healthy.

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Should you prefer to talk about it

What is dental whitening?

This procedure allows you to improve the colour of your smile, obtaining a uniform colouring and increasing the whiteness of your teeth.

Particularly, professional whitening allows you to achieve lasting results in time, thanks to
the action of specific certified and controlled whitening agents.

Why choose Recrea dental whitening?

Our dental whitening is a custom based service that leads to a satisfactory and lasting result.

Even if you can perform it comfortably at home, we use professional techniques and products.

  • Tailor-made, thanks to the use of masks created on the dental impression.
  • Substances with active principles dosed from time to time in the laboratory, depending on the target.
  • The best materials, chosen by Professors Bertini and Giachetti, lecturers at the University of Florence.
  • Painless.
  • Repeatable over time also in short time intervals.

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How Recrea dental whitening works


Welcome check-up

During the first examination we investigate the causes of shape anomalies or of teeth stains and we evaluate the whitening and its possible results.

Second session

We take the dental impressions, to create soft and transparent masks that will be delivered to you after 1 week. You will need to use them during the night for 12 days together with the whitening substances.

Dental whitening and a perfect smile

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

I am afraid the procedure will be painful…

There are many false myths about dentists that contribute to generate the fear of the treatments, but whitening is completely painless and does not require injections of anaesthetic or painkilling therapies.

The sensitivity may slightly increase but only during the whitening period and it is still possible to effectively control it with the advice that you will receive from our doctors.

How long does it take to see the result?

Will it also work in my case?

How much does it cost?

I would like to make the treatment in the future … but can I wait?

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