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Oral hygiene in Florence

Improve the whiteness and safeguard the hygiene of your teeth.
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Recrea oral hygiene procedure is painless, with no need for anaesthesia, nor analgesic therapy.


Thanks to our oral hygiene treatment, it is possible to remove plaque and tartar, in order to prevent the onset of oral cavity disorders such as caries and gingivitis.

Whiter teeth

Regular oral hygiene sessions help prevent yellowing of your teeth and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Would you like a healthy smile?

It is, primarily, a question of prevention!

In many cases people who don’t have correct oral hygiene procedures have a greater chance of suffering from toothache and dental disorders.

Poor oral hygiene can cause diseases such as caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease, with the accompanying discomforts.

Today it is possible to intervene in time to avoid these problems.

Recrea oral hygiene

A healthy mouth

Thanks to our dental hygiene you will achieve a healthy mouth and a bright smile.

The removal of plaque and bacteria from the mouth assists in preventing mouth diseases, thanks to a deeper, more durable and effective cleaning compared with the simple everyday hygiene performed with a normal toothbrush.

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What is tooth cleaning?

Tooth cleaning (or oral hygiene) is the practice that allows you to keep your mouth fresh and your teeth healthy, preventing the formation of caries, tartar and other even more serious mouth diseases.

Thanks to this painless treatment, you can give a beautiful shape to your smile, without risks to the enamel.

Why choose Recrea oral hygiene?

In the Recrea clinic oral hygiene is carried out exclusively by our medical personnel.

We apply effective cleanliness and prevention treatments everyday to the enamel and to the gum tissue, without pain and without trauma.

  • Scientifically tested, thanks to the use of safe and certified materials
  • Performed without anaesthetic.

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How Recrea oral hygiene works


Cleaning session

The examination takes place during the cleaning of the teeth, conducted exclusively by medical personnel.

Follow-up plan

The follow-up examinations will be decided by the specialist and may be every three, six or twelve months depending on what is required. The follow-up maintenance therapy for your health is the most important thing.

Oral hygiene and a healthy mouth

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

I am afraid that the treatments may be painful…

There are many false myths about dentists that contribute to generate fear of the treatments. This may be true for some dental procedures, but not for teeth cleaning.

Sessions are painless and there is no need for anaesthetic injections or medications.

I would like to get the treatment in the future … but can I wait?

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