Do you suffer from jaw pain, headache and problems with chewing?

Recrea Gnathology in Florence

The treatment plan to restore the proper functionality of your mouth
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Our goal is to eliminate the inconveniences due to faulty occlusion or to incorrect movements of the jaw, to restore the functionality of your mouth and to improve your health.

Facilitated payment

If you require it, there is the possibility of paying by interest free instalments. This will be formalized at the time of the presentation of the treatment plan.

State-of-the-art equipment

We can accurately determine the type of operation you need thanks to state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to perform a detailed and precise diagnosis of your specific case.

Difficulty in chewing, headache and other pain?

The cause may be in your mouth…

Dental malocclusion does not only cause aesthetic defects or functional problems of the mouth.

In many cases this disorder involves other apparatuses such as the tongue, jaw, temporal bones of the skull, clavicles, sternal bone, upper thoracic vertebrae, cervical vertebrae, shoulder blades, to name but a few, causing frequent headaches, articular pains, tinnitus and many other discomforts.

Our team of professional doctors is committed every day to resolving these problems…

Recrea gnathology

To restore the functionality of your mouth

Recrea gnathology service offers you a careful anamnesis and a precise diagnosis of the dental occlusion in order to prepare a treatment plan specific for your needs.

We are experts in the realization of the BITE technique, a resin plaque that improves the filling of the dental arches and re-establishes their correct position favouring prosthetic rehabilitation.

In any case, before proposing to you any solution, we study in depth your case because only in this way can you obtain the result you want.

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Should you prefer to talk about it

What is Gnathology?

Gnathology is the branch of dentistry that studies and treats the problems of the whole masticatory system. Gnathologists deal with a large part of our organism, including posture (Postural Gnathology).

It is mainly addressed to people who suffer from:

  • Malocclusions
  • TMJ or cranium-cervical-mandibular disorders
  • Frequent headache, articular pains, tinnitus

Why choose Recrea gnathology

Before proposing to you any type of treatment, we perform a comprehensive and precise diagnosis that integrates observation, measurement and checks the articulated movements of your posture.

We then propose to you the most effective treatment plan to eliminate all your problems.

  • Scientifically tested, thanks to the use of safe and certified materials and equipment.
  • Professional doctors who are experts in the field.

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If you have any other questions

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I am afraid the procedure will be painful…..

There are many false myths about dentists that contribute to generate the fear of the treatments. This is not true in gnathology.

You will perceive, at most, a little discomfort during the first days, a slight sensation that will fade as soon as the mouth and the mucous membranes adapt to the presence of the device.

In any case, before the session we will provide you with all the necessary explanations to help you understand how the treatment is performed and we will answer all your questions.

How much does it cost?

I would like to get the treatment in the future … but can I wait?

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