Do you suffer from dental caries?

Recrea Conservative Dentistry in Florence

Healthy teeth giving back your smile its natural beauty, shape and function.
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All the dental cosmetic techniques used in our clinic offer long term results, with a natural.

Reduced invasiveness

We concentrate only on the decayed tissue, replacing it with the restoration material that binds directly to healthy tissue, returning shape, function and natural beauty.


Recrea conservative dentistry procedures (fillings) are as painless as possible and, if necessary, are performed with local anaesthesia.

Dental caries…

Do you have shape, structural defects or other aesthetic problems with your teeth?

In the past the most common material used for the treatment of dental caries was silver amalgam which, unfortunately has some disadvantages.

In addition to the colour that does not blend in with the tooth, the use of this material necessitates preparing the tooth by demolishing, if necessary, a part of it, and is potentially toxic due to the presence of mercury.

Now it is possible to intervene conservatively preserving the healthy parts of the tooth and using the most up-to-date materials…

Recrea Conservative Dentistry

Thanks to cutting-edge composite materials

We use composite materials that allow us to remove only the decayed tissue and to replace it with a restoration material which is capable of binding directly to the healthy tissue.

This, together with the wide range of colours, allows us to replace the compromised part of the tooth thus returning the form, function and the tooth’s natural beauty.

We are ultimately able to “restore” the teeth bringing them back to a healthy condition. For this reason we prefer to use the term “restoration” instead of “filling”.

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Should you prefer to talk about it

What is conservative dentistry?

Conservative dentistry is the branch of restorative dentistry that performs the therapies useful in maintaining the functional and aesthetic integrity of natural teeth.

All Recrea treatments are ultimately dedicated to the final aesthetic result.

In particular conservative treatments are addressed to people who need:

  • Caries restorations (fillings)
  • Restoration due to traumas, shape defects, structure or other beauty imperfections
  • Direct restorations with BAIR Technique

Why choose Recrea?

With our services you will regain a healthy and harmonious smile.

  • We use the best certified materials.
  • Reduced invasiveness, grazie ai materiali compositi biomeccanici.
  • Tecnica BAIR, inventata dal Dr. Giachetti.

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If you have any other questions

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I am afraid that the procedure will be painful…

There are many false myths about dentists that contribute to generate the fear of the treatments. In some dental practices it is possible to feel some discomfort. However, if needed, we will assist you with reliable local anaesthesia procedures.

How much does it cost?

Recrea, if you require it, offers you the possibility of payment by interest free instalments.
Any such agreements reached in this regard are formalized and signed at the time of the presentation of the treatment plan.

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