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Dental Clinic Recrea in Florence

Bertini Giachetti Dentistry, experts in dental restoration.
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Hygiene and prevention

Prevention is for us one of the most important aspects of dental care. Our daily commitment is to raise awareness among patients on good standards of oral hygiene to prevent caries and periodontal disease. For this reason our oral hygiene treatments are carried out exclusively by medical staff.

  • Oral hygiene
  • Education for hygiene
  • Plaque detector


We improve the whiteness of your teeth thanks to a tailored professional treatment that can be comfortably performed at home.

  • Whitening devitalized teeth
  • Single session whitening
  • Home whitening


Gnathology is the branch of dentistry that studies and treats the disease of the whole masticatory system, paying attention to the posture of the human skeleton.

  • Bite
  • Diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion
  • Treatment of TMJ or cranium-cervical-mandibular disorders

Why choose Recrea?

Recrea was founded under the direction of Professor Fabio Bertini and Professor Luca Giachetti, who after more than twenty years of collaboration decided to renovate their dentistry clinic, to respond even more effectively to the specific needs of their patients.

In addition to providing patients with the best solution, we follow them throughout the whole treatment so that this is as painless as possible. To do this, we are careful to prescribe the correct analgesic treatment for the patient.

Our dental clinic has a strongly conservative approach and, for this reason, our treatment plans preserve as much as possible, your original teeth and healthy tissues.

The Clinic

In Via del Bobolino, a few steps from the Boboli Gardens and from the Piazzale Michelangelo, Recrea Clinic has recently been restructured to transform the spaces into comfortable rooms with a stylish and contemporary design.

We have chosen the best latest generation tools and equipment with the aim of offering each patient the best diagnosis, reliability and speed, in addition to high quality medical treatments and solutions that are long lasting

We invite you for your first welcome check-up

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We invite you for your first welcome check-up.
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